Hey all.

Here are the show prep notes and links for today’s show.

Yet another Gaffe for Biden: “I’m proud to be President”.

My article on the Roe v Wade 40th anniversary.

Barack Obama Inauguration speech transcript.

At Inauguration, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos thought NBA legend Bill Russell was Morgan Freeman.

Media reporting on Obama’s 2nd Inaugural gala’s compared to Bush’s in 2005.



PATRICIA LAYTON: Founder of Life Impact Network and author of “A Surrendered Life: Finding freedom, healing and hope after abortion”.

SANDIE FREED: Co-Founder of Lifegate Ministries Int’l and author of “Power in the Blood”.

Also, today being the 40th anniversary of Roe V Wade, I shared a lot of evidence refuting the false claims given to support abortion.

If you don’t have my Top Ten Proofs CD’s, you should consider at least getting this CD. It’s called the “Top Ten False Claims given to Support Abortion”.

Here’s the Top Ten Proofs Website:


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