Hey folks. Here’s my notes/links for today’s show. – Bob


Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer calls NRA “extreme fringe group”.

NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll: NRA more popular than Hollywood.

Saturday “Gun Appreciation Day” rallies held all across America.

After all that, TSA now removing all airport “naked body scanners”.

Newsweek cover picture of Obama has title “The Second Coming”.”

ABC, CBS and NBC all refuse to identify indicted Hurricane Katrina Mayor as a “Democrat”.

CBS News refuses to report it’s OWN CBS News poll results showing 74% support for NRA position of armed guards in schools.

5 Year old Pennsylvania girl jokes with friend about shooting pink, bubble making toy gun, gets suspended 10 days.

Obama Inaugural accepts huge donations from big oil.

Harvard Scientist looking for woman to have a “Neanderthal baby”.

More creepy Obama/Messiah comparisons at Inauguration.

Inaugural Pastor’s sermon uses Moses to promote Obama’s theme word “Forward”.

Obama’s theme word “Forward” is long understood socialist code word.

Pat Robertson’s controversial comments about “awful looking” wives.



ANDREW “ROCKY” RACZKOWSKI: Lt. Colonel – U.S. Army Reserves on Hillary Clinton testifying before Congress on the Libyan Consulate assassinations.

ALEX MCLELLAN: Christian Apologist and author of “A Jigsaw Guide to Making Sense of the World”.

DR. JAMES DEW: Professor of Religion and Philosophy and author of “God and Evil: The Case for God in a World Filled with Pain”.



A discussion on whether the Christian community agrees with Time Magazine’s January Cover Story claiming that after 40 years of Roe V Wade, that it’s the Pro-Life side that is winning the abortion battle. Is Time magazine right or wrong?

A discussion on Pat Robertson’s controversial comments about “awful looking” wives.

331 thoughts on “BOB DUTKO SHOW NOTES AND LINKS – Wednesday 01-23-13

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