BOB DUTKO SHOW – Notes/Links from Thursday 01-24-13

Here you go everybody. – Bob

Obama administration to allow women into combat.

Hillary Clinton testifying on why false information was given about Libyan assassinations: “What difference does it make”?

Good Grief! Original voice of Charlie Brown in jail.

DePaul University Pro-Life display destroyed by 20 vandals.

Facebook apologizes for threatening to shut down conservative page.

Center for Military Readiness: Women in combat “Dangerous Social Experiment”.

Elaine Donnelly op-ed on women in combat.

Gear Shift Wheel found embedded in “300 million year old” coal.



PAUL BORTHWICK: Missions expert and author of “Western Christians in Global Missions: What’s the Role of the North American Church?”

DR. PAUL MCCOY: Research Chemist and author of “Scripture Insights from Science and Archaeology”.



Women in combat. A discussion on the Obama administration announcing today they are lifting the ban on women in combat.

A lighthearted discussion on my (finally) agreeing to (ugh) dance classes with my wife.

11 thoughts on “BOB DUTKO SHOW – Notes/Links from Thursday 01-24-13

  1. terry

    Lifting the ban on women in combat is straight up wrong in my opinion. Being on the ground in battle is different then shooting from the air, or serving in another capacity. It is dangerous and I think instinctively many men would try to protect a woman in battle along side of them. God wired us to be an equal help mate to our male protector. There are so many honorable positions besides being on the ground at the front lines. What do the majority of men in uniform think? I need to look that up!!
    What do you think will happen to these women when they get captured? What kind of video’s we will be watching on CNN then? Right now do the women have to be as strong as the men such as lifting the same amount of weight in the heat, and the EXACT SAME training, etc?

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