Bob Dutko Show – Notes/Links – Thursday 02 – 28 – 13

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

As Obama “warns” of Sequester cuts, Wall Street Journal reminds that Obama has authority to select which areas are cut versus protected.

White House tweets picture of Army soldiers with warning that Sequester cuts (his idea) leave military “dangerously” vulnerable.

Subway founder: We wouldn’t exist if I had to start this company now with these Gov’t regulations.

Clint Eastwood signs Supreme Court amicus brief with 100 + Republicans and conservatives supporting gay “marriage”.

News Hour Guest Interview: Pastor Sam Rohrer, President of the “Pennsylvania Pastors Network” to discuss the Supreme Court taking up the case of Gay Marriage.

Rest of the show……

Guest Interview: Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Messianic Jewish Rabbi and author of “A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days: Surprising Insights on Israel, the End Times and Popular Misconceptions”.

An examination of “Psychics” and how they work with a combination of trickery, fishing expeditions, picking up clues from human behavior and yes, in some cases, being fed information from Demons, merely masked as “psychic” abilities.

Guest interview: Russell Jalbert, Founder of the Jalbert Financial Group for a discussion of the economy, the Stock Market and being wise stewards with our money.

Open Line Topic: A discussion of Bill O’Reilly’s comments about the Bible. He interviewed the producers of the History Channel’s mini-series “The Bible” and dismissed any beliefs in an literal Adam and Eve, Jonah and the Great fish, Noah’s Ark, etc. and claimed you can’t take “creationism” seriously.

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