Bob Dutko Show – Notes/Links – Wednesday 02 – 27 -13

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Liberal Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward tells MSNBC Obama is showing “a kind of madness I haven’t seen in a long time”.

ABC edits out Michelle Obama falsely claiming Chicago teen killed by “automatic” weapon.

Chuck Hagel confirmed as new Defense Secretary.

John Kerry’s European tour: America is about “the right to be stupid”.

Surprise! Not one Oscar winner thanked God.

Texas High School teacher instructs students to call 9-11 terrorists “Freedom Fighters” instead.

Official Government figures from the General Accounting Office itself calculates Obamacare will add $6.2 Trillion to the Deficit.

Obamacare causing dramatic rate increases in Health Insurance premiums.

Universal Orlando dropping Part Timers Health coverage due to Obamacare.

News Hour Guest Interview: Elizabeth Harrington of CNSNews to discuss Obama scaring the public regarding the Sequester.

Rest of the show……

Guest Interview: Pastor Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor of His latest book is “Altar Ego: Becoming who God Says you Are”.

Part 2 of yesterday’s examination of the so-called Bible “contradictions”.

Guest Interview: Christian Apologist Lee Strobel for a discussion on how to defend the faith and his coming to Detroit.

Guest interview: Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson to discuss how he’s doing with his recovery from a horrible auto accident.

Open Line Topic: Joined in studio by Scott Goodwin and Jim Scieszka of the Goodwin & Scieszka Law Firm who took calls from listeners about their legal questions.

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