Bob Dutko Show Notes/Links – Monday 07 – 29 – 13


Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Obamacare Call Center employees to be part time with no health insurance.

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry says when life begins depends on “the feeling of the parents”.

Georgetown Professor writes Washington Post article comparing defending Zimmerman to defending Ariel Castro or Tsarnaev.

NBC prepping for 2016, plans positive 4 hour miniseries on Hillary Clinton.

University Study shows Democrats keeping Senate through 2020.

National Debt Stacked in Dollar Bills Would Stretch from Earth to Moon Five Times.

Feds to Investigate ‘Duck Dynasty’-Inspired ‘Redneck Day’ at Arizona School.

Rest of the show……

Guest Interview: Pastor John Carter, author of “the Transformed Life” to discuss the practical ways to actually live a transformed life as a Christian.

An examination for the Pope’s comments where he said “Who am I to judge gays?”.

An examination of African Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s statement that he would rather go to Hell than “worship a homophobic God”.

Guest Interview: Chris Lambert, founder of “Life Remodeled”, a Detroit Christian project of remodeling homes for low income people.

Eva Piper: Author of “A walk through the Park” to discuss her husband Don Piper, author of the bestselling “90 Minutes in Heaven” and what his death experience was like from a wife’s perspective.

Open Line Topic: A discussion on proper and appropriate dress in church.

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