Bob Dutko Show Summary – Friday 05 – 22 – 15

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Public backlash forces FEC to back down off plan to regulate political internet speech.

Boy Scouts Presidents opens door to allowing gay Scout leaders too.

CBS crews literally throwing David Letterman’s Set into the dumpster.

Osama Bin Laden’s personal library filled with liberal authors’ books.

Osama Bin Laden was concerned with “Climate Change”.

Jeb Bush defends Global Warming skeptics.

Gallup: Americans think 23% of country is gay.

News Hour Guest Interview: Christian Apologist Dr. Alex McFarland, to discuss the Boy Scouts President calling for gay leaders to now be allowed.

Rest of The Bob Dutko Show…..

Guest Interview: Dr. Scott Turansky, Founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting to discuss his book “Motivate Your Child Action Plan”.

Guest Interview: Dr. Pastor Brad Jersak, author of “A More Christ Like God” who argues Jesus does not actually save us from Hell.

Movie Reviews: Rod Gustafson for a review of weekend movies from a family friendly, Christian friendly perspective.

Facebook Friday: Reading on air a selection of listener comments on various issues and topics from the week.

Free for All Friday

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