Bob Dutko Show Summary – Friday 04 – 27 – 18

Noon – 4:00 PM


First Hour – News & Politics


North Korea agrees to end war with South Korea and denuclearize.


Bill Cosby found guilty of sexual assault, faces possible 30 years in prison.


Dr. Ronny Jackson withdraws as Trump’s pick to head V.A.


Mike Pompeo confirmed as Secretary of State.


Senate finally confirms Trump’s pick as the first openly gay U.S. Ambassador to Germany.


Kanye West ignites firestorm by embracing Trump.


Another rapper comes to Kanye West’s defense for supporting Trump.


U.S. jobless claims now at lowest levels since…….1969.


House Intelligence Committee officially clears Trump, stating “no evidence” of any Russia collusion.


Wow. New York judge rules bars are allowed to refuse service to and throw out customers if they are Trump supporters.


CNN reporter Jim Acosta denies he insulted Trump supporters.


Michigan Gubernatorial candidate Senator Patrick Colbeck attacked for his “Muslim Brotherhood” comments.


Federal Judge rules Trump is not “allowed” to have stopped Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion “sex-ed” grants.


Rest of the Show…….


U.S. autism rates continue to rise.


A Christian Look at Sports: Anthony “Vito” Faletti and Brandon Woods of Sports Fan Radio.


Movie Reviews: Rod Gustafson of to discuss what’s happening in the movies this weekend from a family friendly, Christian friendly perspective.


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