Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 06 – 18 – 18

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

I took the hour to explore and examine all the controversy surrounding the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” illegal immigration policy that is being accused of separating families. I also explained the rest of the story that the mainstream media conveniently leaves out of their anti-Trump reporting.

Op-ed explain the truth about Trump’s immigration policy and the separating of kids from parents.

Illegal immigrant children separated from parents are very well cared for while separated, debunking the liberal lie that they’re “kept in cages”.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Here’s how CNN decides to report on Father’s Day.

ACLU gives Planned Parenthood president Lifetime Achievement Award.

Michigan Senate Bill requires informed consent if vaccines were made with aborted babies.

Guest Interview: Pastor Chris Sonsken, author of “Quit Church” to discuss how we need to stop seeing church as a pro-forma obligation.

Guest Interview: Reverend Rob Schenck, author of “Costly Grace” to discuss his feeling that he got too absorbed into the world of conservative politics and needed to pull back and focus more on the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I examined the whole controversy surrounding the “zero tolerance” of Trump’s illegal immigration policy, what’s true, what’s not, and how as Christians we should view this issue.

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    Hello Bob, I was listening to your program on immigration. I was in between appointments so I did not hear the entire program. I did review the recap of your program, but I did not see what I was searching for. You mentioned something Obama had done. I thought you called it APET or ATEP. Could you please repeat or guide me to how I may find out more about Obama’s “policy”?
    thank you!


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