Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 06 – 19 – 18

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

I continued to explore and examine all the controversy surrounding the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” illegal immigration policy that is being accused of separating families. I also explained the rest of the story that the mainstream media conveniently leaves out of their anti-Trump reporting.

Illegal immigrant children separated from parents are very well cared for while separated, debunking the liberal lie that they’re “kept in cages”.

Guest Interview: Lt. Col. (Ret) and U.S. Congressional candidate Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski to discuss how to best resolve the issue of child separation among illegal immigrants.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Ted Cruz beats Jimmy Kimmel in 1 on 1 charity basketball game.

Guest Interview: Dr. Barry D. Ham to discuss his book “Living on Purpose: Knowing God’s Design For Your Life”.

Guest Interview: Dr. Dudley Delffs to discuss his book “The Faith of Dolly Parton”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I continued examine the whole controversy surrounding the “zero tolerance” of Trump’s illegal immigration policy, what’s true, what’s not, and how as Christians we should view this issue.

I responded to and corrected a United Methodist Church statement condemning Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Hillary quotes Jesus to attack Trump’s immigration policy.

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