Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 10 – 24 – 18

Noon-4:00 PM


First Hour – News/Politics

Suspicious packages sent to Obama, Clinton and Democrats.


Four explosive devices do appear to be linked.


Born-Again believer, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explains that cracking down on illegal caravan is not “hard-hearted”.

Networks taking the side of Illegal Immigrant caravan over Trump and U.S. laws.

I gave examples of Democrat hypocrisy on illegal immigration with quotes from Obama, Clinton and Schumer talking tough on illegal immigration.


Guest Interview: Pastor DeShawn Wilkins to discuss his campaign for the Michigan State Senate and the need for more African American conservatives in elected office.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……


Guest Interview: Mortgage expert Jack Schwartz to discuss Reverse Mortgages.


Guest Interview: Pastor David R. Dunham to discuss his book “Addictive Habits: Changing For Good”.


Guest Interview: Pastor Doug Schmidt, head of the Woodside Bible Church organization to discuss Pastor Appreciation Month.


Guest Interview: Lenya Heitzig to discuss her book “Reload Love: Transforming Bullets to Beauty and Battlegrounds to Playgrounds”.


Open Line Topic: We discussed the $1.5 billion “Mega-Millions” lottery jackpot and a Christian perspective on playing the lottery.

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