Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 11 – 29 – 18

Noon-4:00 PM


First Hour – News/Politics

I examined in detail and analyzed the guilty plea from Michael Cohen and why this really is just another “witch hunt” charge from Mueller.


Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty to making false statements in Mueller investigation.


Democrat Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz slams Mueller for “creating crimes” with this new guilty plea by Michael Cohen.


Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……


I discussed drug lord “El Chapo” and the claims he has accepted Jesus.


Guest Interview: Country Music legend Charlie Daniels to discuss his faith, his career and his latest book “Let’s All Make the Day Count”.


Guest Interview: Pastor Joe Amaral to discuss his book “Story in the Stars: Discovering God’s Design and Plan for Our Universe”.


Other Issues Discussed….


I continued my series on Apologetics 101 Refresher Course, today focusing again on Noah’s Ark and the evidence to show the account is true and the flood was truly worldwide from the scientific evidence in the geologic strata as well as the Grand Canyon.

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