Bob Dutko Show Summary – Friday 02 – 15 – 19

Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

POTUS signs spending Bill and declares national emergency to build wall with military budget.

Pelosi warns that a future Democrat president might just declare a National Emergency to take away guns.

Some of the crazy provisions in the border funding Bill.

Angel families confront Nancy Pelosi’s office again to demand she fund the wall, only to be turned away and ignored again.

ABC, NBC, CBS having given 2202 total minutes of coverage to Trump/Russia collusion story, but not one second to bipartisan Senate report concluding “no collusion”.

NBC News reports how Mueller Report may show no Trump collusion with words “you may be disappointed”.

Poll: 77% support requiring medical care to babies who survive and abortion.

Politico report says eyewitnesses claim Trump was privately “getting in the face” of a “Christian” pro-abortion Democrat Senator about abortion.

Rest of the Show…….

A Christian Look at Sports: Anthony “Vito” Faletti and Brandon Woods of Sports Fan Radio.

Movie Reviews: A look at what’s showing in theaters this weekend from a Christian perspective with Movieguide.

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