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Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 02 – 27 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Trump Campaign sues the New York Times for Libel.

Democrats vote to block Bills to protect babies born after surviving an abortion.

Networks gave Obama 21 times more coverage of his India trip than they gave Trump.

Media gives Biden a pass for yet another whopper….his claim of being arrested in South Africa.

Circuit Court says Trump can withhold funds from Sanctuary Cities.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Guest Interview: Professor of Old Testament Dr. Jack Levison to discuss his book “A Boundless God: The Spirit According to the Old Testament”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I gave some more apologetics evidence, today focusing on Creation science and the scientific explanations for how we can see starlight from stars billion of lightyears away….even though God only created those stars just 6000 years ago.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 02 – 26 – 20

Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

I analyzed last night’s Democrat debate.

Sanders takes incoming during wild debate.

CBS moderators lose control of debate.

No….Trump did not “fire” the U.S. pandemic specialist, or “defund” the CDC.

Elizabeth Warren again cites debunked claim that she was “fired” for being pregnant.

Bernie Sanders falsely claims “Medicare for All” would actually save money.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

I started a new series on how to effectively argue for God’s existence with atheists.

Guest Interview: Jenny Donnelly to discuss her book “Still: 7 Ways to Find Calm in the Chaos”.

Guest Interview: Liberal Hebrew and Biblical Scholar to discuss his book “The Bible and the Ballot: Using Scripture in Political Decisions”.

Open Line Topic: We discussed and debated the Coronavirus.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 02 – 25 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

I discussed and analyzed the upcoming Democrat debate tonight as well as where the candidates stand with their odds of becoming the nominee.  

Even CNN is nervous about Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan.

Bernie Sanders praises Fidel Castro in “60 Minutes” interview.

Op-ed exposing the inequal justice under the law for conservatives vs liberals.

9th U.S. Circuit Court upholds Trump’s policy of withholding Title X funding from abortion clinics.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Disney-Pixar to introduce for LGBT character.

Guest Interview: Karen Doyle Buckwalter to discuss her book “Raising the Challenging Child: How to Minimize Meltdowns, Reduce Conflict and Increase Cooperation”.

Guest Interview: Best Selling author Max Lucado to discuss his latest Revised and Updated book “Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I responded to (and refuted) arguments from Christian Democrats that claim Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25 requires us to vote Democrat, not Republican.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 02 – 24 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Sonia Sotomayor claims Republican appointed judges have a bias toward Trump.

Bernie Sanders uses debunked claim that “40% of guns sold in U.S. are without background checks”.

I analyzed the 2020 Democrat race and the odds of each of the candidates.

Amazing how the media has no interest in Trump’s negotiated peace and truce agreement with the Taliban.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

We discussed the new Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury who proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior….while also bragging about cocaine binging and “$30 hookers” in graphic, x-rated language.

Guest Interview: Dr. Kevin S. Chen, Professor of Old Testament to discuss his book “The Messianic Vision of the Pentateuch”.

Guest Interview: Kristen Wetherell to discuss her book “Fight Your Fears: Trusting God’s Character and Promises When You Are Afraid”.

Open Line Topic: We discussed a new Michigan Bill that would ban de-clawing cats.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 02 – 17 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

POTUS attends Daytona 500.

Anti-Trump former DOJ employees sign letter calling on AG Barr to resign.

Michael Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary as his V.P.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls out Bloomberg hypocrisy for Hillary V.P. consideration.

Kellyanne Conway calls out Bloomberg for his politically incorrect comments over the years.

Pete Buttigieg fires back at Rush Limbaugh for his comments about him “kissing his husband”.

….but polling data shows Limbaugh gave accurate analysis.

Andrew McCabe not charged with lying under oath… Trump supporters were.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Op-ed explaining why Christians CAN, in fact, express concern over Pete Buttigieg’s homosexuality while also supporting President Trump.

Guest Interview: Brett Kunkle to discuss his book “A Student’s Guide to Culture”.

Guest Interview: Former Michigan State Senator and candidate for Governor Patrick Colbeck to discuss the Michigan Freedom Center’s teaming with the Yankee Air Museum to provide free flights for veterans in vintage WW2 aircraft.

Other Issues Discussed…..

With today being President’s Day, I discussed the history of this day, of George Washington, his faith, several faith quotes from various presidents, and gave some evidence for America’s Christian heritage.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 02 – 13 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Roger Stone trial’s jury foreperson was a liberal anti-Trump woman.

I examined the massive double standard at play regarding Roger Stone and the claims from Democrats that President Trump is “interfering” in this case and that AG William Barr “must resign”.

Democrats accuse Trump of interfering in Roger Stone case.

During Democrat Debate, Joe Biden said “no one should be in jail for a non-violent crime”.

Op-ed on why the 9 year prison recommendation from Mueller’s prosecutors was wrong.

Absurd. Democrats suing Trump for supposedly “profiting” off being president.

Movie “The Hunt” about rich liberals “hunting” conservatives for sport set to hit theaters March 13th.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

I discussed an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” where Barney received an “Chain Letter”, and how, as Christians, we should see superstitious things like this.

Wisconsin school district to stop grading with A-F to avoid “stress”.

Connecticut High School girls file federal lawsuit against boys competing in and winning girls track meet.

Virginia House Democrats storm out as black pastor prays against abortion and gay marriage.

Guest Interview: Former Hindu turned Born-Again Christian Dr. Balaji Varadarajan to discuss his conversion and outreach to Hindus for the Gospel.

Open Line Topic: We discussed President Trump calling on baseball to allow Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 02 – 12 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

I gave detailed analysis of last night’s New Hampshire Primaries, including analyzing each of the Democrat candidates and assessing their chances of being the eventual nominee.

DOJ prosecutors resign after DOJ reduces the recommended sentence for Roger Stone.

Tucker Carlson op-ed about Roger Stone issue.

Absurd. Chuck Schumer wants Trump investigated for firing Sondland and Vindman.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Op-ed from a Trump supporting pastor about the claim “Trump lies”.

Guest Interview: Dr. Dharius Daniels to discuss his book “Relational Intelligence: The People Skills You Need For the Life of Purpose You Want”.

Guest Interview: President Trump faith advisor and mega-church pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress to discuss his book “Courageous: 10 Strategies for Thriving in a Hostile World”.

Other Issues Discussed….

I discussed the belief in “Theistic Evolution”, why it’s wrong and explored how the Bible defines “life” and therefore exactly what “life” would and would not have died before sin entered the Garden of Eden.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 02 – 11 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Bloomberg heard in 2015 audio clip defending “stop and frisk”.

Fact Checking Buttigieg claims that Trump has not helped the middle class.

Fact Checking Buttigieg claim that Trump’s policies are not helping the poor.

Buttigieg refuses to answer NYT questions about foreign policy.

Bernie Sanders declares there’s no room for pro-lifers in the Democratic Party.

Elizabeth Warren says she would fire every pro-life Trump official.

Top 39 conservative donors give less total money than just top 4 liberal donors.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

New York law requires pro-life centers to hire pro-abortion employees.

Op-ed giving advice to Democrats on how they can get more Evangelical votes.

Op-ed from a Pastor explaining why he supports President Trump.

Guest Interview: Dr. Ron Archer, author of “What Belief Can Do: How God Turned My Pain Into Power and Tragedy Into Triumph – and How He Can Do the Same For You” to discuss his tragic childhood that God turned around.

Open Line Topic:  We discussed the case of a Michigan Christian man who found $43,000 in a couch he bought at a thrift store, then gave the money back to the original owners of the donated couch. We discussed what the right thing to do is anytime someone buys something at a garage sale, thrift store, antique store, etc., and find that it’s way more valuable than the seller thought.    

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 02 – 10 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

I discussed last night’s Academy Awards and the absurdity of these Hollywood celebrities thinking we should see them as gurus of political wisdom just because they’re rich and famous for being able to act like fictional characters.

I discussed Trump’s proposed budget and explained how the Democrats will distort his budget “cuts” to make him look cruel.

Tulsi Gabbard defends Trump in his firing of Sondland and Vindman.

Pressure mounts on DNC Chair to resign after Iowa debacle.

Joe Biden calls a woman voter a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”.

Florida driver plows through Republican voter registration tent, nearly hitting 6 volunteers.

Poll: 64% of Democrats would prefer a meteor wipe out all life on Earth over a Trump re-election win.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Watered down Gospel is the top concern among Pastors regarding the Church.

I discussed polygamy in the Old Testament and whether God actually approved of this practice.

Guest Interview: Jane Hamon to discuss her book “Discernment: The Essential Guide to Hearing the Voice of God”.

Guest Interview: Randy Kay, author of “Dying to Meet Jesus: How Encountering Heaven Changed My Life” to discuss his “near death experience” of seeing and talking to Jesus which turned him from an agnostic to a Christian.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I gave some more Creation science evidence, focusing on some of the latest Carbon Dating discoveries made by evolutionary scientists themselves on dinosaur bones that flat out prove Darwinian Evolution is scientifically impossible.

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 02 – 06 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

We played the live audio feed of President Trump addressing the nation in response to the Impeachment Trial.

Nancy Pelosi actually suggests President Trump was drugged during his State of the Union address.

I discussed the dishonest way in which the Democrats tried to remove Trump from office.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Franklin Graham dropped from all 7 U.K. venues for supposed “homophobic” and “hateful” views.

I discussed what it takes to get to Heaven and the truth of salvation ONLY through Jesus Christ, and how and why all other religions are false.

Guest Interview: Dave Sanders of Brain Life Center.

Guest Interview: Esther Fleece Allen to discuss her book “Your New Name: Goodbye to the Labels That Limit”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I discussed and played various excerpts of President Trump’s speech at today’s National Prayer Breakfast.