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Guns Don’t Kill People, But ‘Gun-Free Zones’ Do

We all grieve for the horrific child massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, but if we really want to protect future lives, we must replace the emotional anti-gun rhetoric with an honest examination of the facts.

I honestly do understand how easy it is for people to respond to tragedies like this with an emotional appeal to get rid of all the guns – to, as President Obama said, “take action.” Or, as many are saying, “do SOMETHING.”

The question becomes: will the action we take save lives or cost more? This requires reasoned thought instead of blind emotion. It requires an examination of the facts.

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Gallup and Obama’s Ushering in of the New U.S.S.A.

A new Gallup poll and the official Communist Party USA are proving something liberals are unwilling to admit – that Obama and the Democrats really are ushering in a new Communist America.

The new Gallup poll from November 18-19 asked Americans if they approved or disapproved of “Socialism.” A full 53% of Democrats had a favorable view of socialism. Among Republicans, the number was a staggering 23%, showing me that as the Democrats lead the way in transforming America into a Socialist nation, they are dragging many Republicans down with them.

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