Bob Dutko Show – Notes/Links – Thursday 02-14-13

News/Politics Hour – Noon-1:00 PM

Various Newshour Stories discussed…..

Chris Matthews mocks and belittles Hispanic Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s speech as “primitive”, “tinkertoy”, “9th grade”, etc.

Many Christian groups favor stricter gun laws.

Obama’s SOTU wish list that won’t “add one dime to deficit” calculated to cost over $1 Trillion.

Gallup: America disagrees with Obama on almost every issue surveyed.

U.N. World map shows nations with most guns per person also show lowest homicide rates per person, especially the United States.

H.S. students at basketball game told to remove American flag bandanas and stop chanting “USA” because it could be considered “racist”.

University of Wisconsin students taught it’s “unfair” to be white.

Rest of the show from 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Guest Interview: Stacy Swimp, Spokesman for the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, a black conservative organization to discuss Black History Month from a conservative perspective.

Guest Interview: Jim Frego: Founder of Frego and Associates, Michigan’s largest personal bankruptcy firm to discuss bankruptcy from a Christian perspective.

Guest Interview: For Valentine’s Day, Joe Beam, author of “The Art of Falling in Love” to discuss love from a Christian perspective.

Open Line Topic: Taking calls from women listeners with advice for men regarding Valentines’s Day gifts. Are the standard “box of chocolates and a dozen roses” acceptable or not?

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