Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 02 – 27 – 17

Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

Oscar host, celebrities attack Trump all night.

Trump to skip White House Correspondents Dinner.

Democrats elect Tom Perez their new Chairman.

Left Wing Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz vowed to leave Democratic Party if Ellison was elected.

Louis Farrakhan racist and anti-semitic quotes.

New DNC Chair starts already with lying about Trump.

Media has meltdown over Trump excluding CNN and NYT from Friday “Press Gaggle”, but Obama used to ban conservative media sometimes too.

Actress Ashley Judd says Trump getting elected was worse than her being raped as a child.

Powerful op-ed about how (and why) the media is ignoring Trump’s successful crackdown on child sex trafficking.

Poll: 80% oppose Sanctuary Cities.

Insightful Op-ed from Moderate Democrat Douglas Schoen.

Rest of the Show…….

With witches calling for mass spell casting rituals against Trump, I discussed and examined a Biblical perspective on witchcraft and the magic arts.

Witches call for mass spell casting against Trump.

Christian leaders urge prayer to combat spell casting against Trump.

Christian article about a Biblical understanding of “curses”.

Guest Interview: Theologian Dr. James N. Anderson to discuss his book “Why Should I Believe in Christianity?”

Guest Interview: Bible Scholar Dr. John E. Johnson to discuss his book “Under an Open Heaven: A New Way of Life Revealed in John’s Gospel”.

Open Line Topic: We discussed last night’s Academy Awards ceremony and what Christians’ attitudes are and should be toward Hollywood.

2 thoughts on “Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 02 – 27 – 17

  1. sintomas

    Esta es una enfermedad que se va desarrollando con el tiempo y puede traer como consecuencia la DE. Todos los hombres que no tienen un problema físico se han despertado alguna vez con una erección.

  2. referencia

    Es evidente que estamos tratando con un tema muy delicado, el cual no suele hablarse de manera abierta con las personas, más es importante tocar algunos tópicos para poder conocer más a fondo sobre este problema y sus consecuencias. Ya en los años 1970 Masters y Johnson reconoció que el tratamiento para la impotencia tiene lugar más en homosexuales.


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