Bob Dutko Show Summary – Friday 09 – 29 – 17

Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

Denver Broncos will stand for Anthem….but appeases kneelers in statement.

Pittsburgh Steelers players claims the whole team will be standing Sunday for the Anthem.

Poll: 64% say to stand for National Anthem.

Network News dishonesty in reporting details of Trump’s tax plan.

Trump delay’s Air Force One take off until he can personally talk to an injured police officer from his motorcade detail.

Massachusetts Elementary School librarian rejects First Lady Melania’s gift of a Dr. Seuss book as “racist”.

Rest of the Show…….

Op-ed from CWFA President about death of Hugh Hefner.

Guest Interview: Christian Apologist Alex McFarland to discuss his book “Stand Strong in Your Faith: Live What You Believe With Confidence and Passion”.

Movie Reviews: Rod Gustafson of to discuss what’s happening in the movies this weekend from a family friendly, Christian friendly perspective.

A Christian Look at Sports: Anthony “Vito” Faletti and Brandon Woods of Sports Fan Radio.

Weekly Show Recap

Free For All Friday

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