Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 07 – 18 – 18

Noon – 4:00 PM


First Hour – News & Politics


Trump says he misspoke during Putin press conference.


Putin denies meddling in U.S. elections in interview with Chris Wallace.


White House puts out Fact Sheet detailing it’s efforts to protect U.S. Elections and crack down on Russia.


I gave examples from the liberal media acknowledging how the U.S. has a history of meddling in other nations’ elections.


Op-ed defending Trump’s handling of Putin at the Summit.


Rest of the Show…….


Guest Interview: Bob Christopher of Basic Gospel to discuss the crossover from death to salvation in Christ.


Guest Interview: Erica and Jonathan Catherman to discuss their book “The Girls Guide to Conquering Life”.


Guest Interview: Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference to discuss his book “Shake Free: How to Deal with the Storms, Shipwrecks and Snakes in Your Life”.


Other Issues Discussed….


Fascinating detailed descriptions of how the Thailand cave rescue was carried out.

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