Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 08 – 27 – 20

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Christian Voter Guide for 2020 election.

Hurricane Laura hits Louisiana coast at a Category 4.

I discussed and analyzed all the various speakers and aspects of last night’s Republican National Convention Day 3.

Bette Midler walks back Tweet where she mocked Melania’s accent.

NYT reporter suggests pardoned bank robber Jon Ponder might have committed a crime at White House.

Trump sending federal troops to quell rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Joe Biden finally denounces rioting.

Op-ed addressing why the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake “in the back”.

BLM protesters scream at white diners, demanding they raise their fists in BLM solidarity.

CNN laughably reports on “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” with reporter standing amid fires and explosions.

Op-ed addressing why the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake “in the back”.

List of speakers for each day of the RNC Convention.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Guest Interview: Civil Rights champion Clarence Henderson, a member of the famous 1960 Greensboro, NC Woolworth lunch counter “Sit-in” to discuss his Republican National Committee speech from last night.

Guest Interview: Former Michigan State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck to discuss the RNC Convention and the latest with Gretchen Whitmer and COVID-19.

Guest Interview: Pastor Shahram Hadian to discuss his conversion from Islam to Christianity as well as his “The Truth in Love Project”.   

Other Issues Discussed…..

With the media claiming Donald Trump RNC speakers are “rewriting history” by highlighting all the aggressive action Trump took early on regarding COVID-19, I decided to go through the actual timeline of action from Trump on COVID early on compared to the Democrats and media claiming he was overreacting.  

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  1. Loretta Gardocki

    Yes, I also would love the Trump/Covid-19 timeline… I sure hope you can provide it Bob. Can we Google it and find it? I guess I’ll try that tonight. Still leaving from work.


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