Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 11 – 29 – 21

Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

I discussed Jack Dorsey resigning from Twitter, and how Social Media should not be exempted from defamation lawsuits.

Another day, another variant. Now it’s “Omicron”. 

Joe Biden is only customer shopping in a store ignoring the “masks-required” order. 

Fauci floats possibility of more lockdowns from the Omicron variant. 

With Omicron variant, Biden bans travel to U.S. from several African nations. (Remember when Trump banning COVID travel from China was “racist” and “Xenophobic”?) 

Coincidence? WHO names all COVID variants after the Greek Alphabet, but passed over the letter “Xi” and skipped to “Omicron”. (Xi Jinping just so happens to be the name of China’s ruler) 

Washington Post absurdly reports that Wisconsin Christmas Parade massacre from a BLM supporting liberal was “caused by an SUV”. 

Hamtramck, Michigan becomes first U.S. city to have Mayor and entire City Council all be Muslim. 

Law firm files lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State for refusing to remove 25,000 dead people from voter rolls. 

Even Bill Maher admits that CRT opposition is NOT about censoring black history, but about dividing children by race, as “oppressed” and “oppressor”. 

Facebook admits letting drug cartels and human smugglers use Facebook to get

business…..but still blocks election fraud posts or anti vaccine/mask mandate posts.

Yup. Every single Senate Democrat voted to confirm Biden’s radical eco-terrorism extremist Nominee as his Head of the Bureau of Land Management.

….yet Democrats act all offended by January 6th “domestic terrorists”.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

Guest Interview: Dr. Robert Tracy McKenzie to discuss his book “We the Fallen People: The Founders and the Future of American Democracy”.

Guest Interview: Dr. Gregory Jantz to discuss his book “So Much to Live For: How to Provide Help and Hope to Someone Considering Suicide”.

Other Issues Discussed….

Canadian school district cancels ISIS sex slave escapee’s talk for fear of creating  


Potential Texas Governor candidate, actor Matthew McConaughey oddly calls…..not abortion itself, but restricting abortion “playing God”. 

College students say they want to change the name “Black Friday” until they learn it has nothing to do with race. 

Op-ed from Pastor Robert Jeffress about the Wisconsin Christmas Parade massacre and why God lets these things happen.

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