Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 11 – 09 – 21

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

RINO Republicans who voted with Democrats on massive $1.2 Trillion Bill, voted no on Trump’s $25 billion  

funding request for a border wall. 

Examples of NFL player crimes that the sports media aren’t offended by, while trashing unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers. 

Bombshell admission in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. 

White House admits it’s looking into possibly shutting down the Michigan Line 5 Pipeline….after trying to deny it. 

No joke. Kamala Harris asks NASA if they can track equity of trees for environmental and racial justice. 

Comparing “mask-mandating” California’s COVID numbers to open and free Florida’s COVID numbers.

Biden insults Americans as too dumb to “understand” the supply chain crisis.  

Prince Charles’ wife Camilla reportedly can’t stop talking about Joe Biden’s “long and loud” flatulence at the Climate Summit.  

Facebook admits letting drug cartels and human smugglers use Facebook to get  

business…..but still blocks election fraud posts or anti vaccine/mask mandate posts. 

Various Stories and Data censored from the Media and Big Tech:

New Cleveland Clinic medical study shows those who had COVID receive ZERO benefits from getting vaccinated. 

CDC Data showing number of deaths, hospitalizations, etc., after COVID vaccine.

M.I.T. Scientist says COVID vaccine may cause serious long term health problems.  

Dr. Joseph Mercola article opposing mask-wearing.

COVID – CDC – 6% vs 94%, plus age 0-19 = 99.997%, 20-49 = 99.98%, 50-69 = 99.5%, 70+ = 94.6%. News story from KRTV, Channel 3 CBS Affiliate in Great Falls, Montana.

Link to the CDC page itself:

Here is a link to all the evidence of 2020 voter fraud that the media claims doesn’t exist.

List of Trump’s accomplishments in only 4 years.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show

Guest Interview: Best Selling author and Theologian Dr. J.P. Moreland to discuss his book “A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles: Instruction and Inspiration For Living Supernaturally in Christ”.

Guest Interview: Pastor Daniel Grothe to discuss his book “The Power of Place: Choosing Stability in a Rootless Age”.

Other Issues Discussed….

I continued my Apologetics series on debunking Pluralism with the evidences to prove Jesus really is the only truth.

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