Bob Dutko Show Show Summary – Monday 04 – – 22

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First Hour – News & Politics

Muslim Democrat Congresswoman Ihan Omar Tweets criticism on Christians singing worship song during airline flight.

Since taking office, Biden has released more illegal immigrants into the U.S. than the

Populations of Boston or Detroit.

Op-ed from the President of the National Border Patrol Council on how Biden’s policies are helping the drug cartels.

Remember last week’s NYC subway shooting massacre? In 2019, AOC and NY Democrats called for less police presence in the subway system.

Good for them. Florida rejects 41% of elementary school MATH books that teach CRT.

How the Democrats have transitioned into the Party of transgender extremism.

Biden’s own Department of Labor data confirms that economic recovery is happening

overwhelmingly best in Republican run states, and worse in Democrat run states.

Another Sheriff’s Deputy pulls in front of wrong-way speeding car to save others lives.

Greg Laurie Op-ed about our tendency to blame God for human


Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

Pastor Robert Jeffress’ Op-ed about Easter.

Ohio Christian college professor wins lawsuit after school punishes him for refusing to use inaccurate gender pronouns that a student demanded.

iPhone adds “pregnant man” emoji.

Shock: Washington Post actually publishes op-ed from a transgender that regrets getting his sex-change operation at age 19.

Guest Interview: Conservative black author and President of “Every Black Life Matters” to discuss a Christian response to BLM.

Open Line Topic: We discussed and debated the now viral video of a group of American

Christians singing worship songs on a plane, and criticized by Muslim U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.   

One thought on “Bob Dutko Show Show Summary – Monday 04 – – 22

  1. floyd tinsley

    you guys never state that TRUMP and all the FOX news people including RUPERT MURDOCH are vaccinated. you never talk about the prominant anti vax broadcaster s who have died from the virus. including the police officer , despite having a family quit his job then dide from the virus. also being from the middle east I wonder JESUS could become a Christian nationalist .


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