Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 06 – 26 – 23

Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

Russian attempted Coup leader speaks out.

NYC “Pride Parade” drag queens chant “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming from your children”.

For Roe v Wade anniversary, Focus on the Family launches a “We’re having a Fetus” ad campaign.

Report: Hunter Biden wrote off prostitutes on his tax returns as “business expenses”.

Joe Biden takes Hunter to Camp David with him over the weekend.

Could Trump pardon himself if elected?

Here’s 8 high profile people busted with Classified documents that didn’t get in trouble.

13 serious IRS Whistleblower allegation against Bidens and his DOJ.

U.S. more pro-transgender than even liberal European countries.

To combat Woke companies paying for their employees abortions, a conservative company is now offering it’s employees $5000 bonus for having a baby or adopting one.

Wow. Oxford College says students can be expelled for “mis-gendering” a fellow student.

Now Self-Checkout machines are starting to request tips.

Is it really true that Trump can’t beat Biden in 2024?

Six big decisions the Supreme Court could rule on by July 4th.

Poll: LGBT highschoolers now 1out of 4. 

Female sports columnist tears into the silence over this transgenders in sports insanity.

Alarming facts about Hunter Biden and his Dad uncovered in the censored documentary “My Son Hunter”.

7000 Pro-Life OB/GYNs publish a Fact Sheet debunking various false claims from the abortion industry. Https://

…..the Fact Sheet:

A Dictionary according to Democrats. Https://

Donald Trump’s lengthy, detailed, data-filled response to the Democrats’ Jan 6th Hearings and their claim that 2020 Election Fraud has been “debunked”.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

Guest Interview: Rev. James R. Harden, CEO of Compass Care Pregnancy Services (that was firebombed last year) to discuss his book “Ethical Theory and Pertinent Standards in Women’s Reproductive Health: The Foundational CRHSS Medical Ethics Manual”.

Guest Interview: Dr. Arnie Cole, to discuss his research Study into teen suicide risks, social media, transgenderism and spiritual beliefs.

Other Issues Discussed…. With next week being the 4th of July, I gave documented evidences for America’s Christian Heritage, currently censored from American History books.

Other Issues Discussed….

I continued my apologetics series on the age of the Earth, exploring the many different examples of things we assume “must” be “millions” of years old, but that been confirmed to only be a few hundred/thousand at the most.

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