Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 08 – 01 – 23

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

Democrat Illinois Governor signs Law allowing illegal aliens to become cops.

Democrats downplay Devon Archer’s testimony about Joe Biden.

House opening probe into Hunter Biden’s “art” sales.

Wow. Kamala Harris just keeps doubling down on her debunked claim that Florida Republicans are claiming slavery was an overall benefit to blacks.

Dr. Fauci confirmed to have lied to Congress.

Now Biden going after your air conditioners.

Illinois Supreme Court sides with State Democrats in officially ending cash bail for criminals…..amid a huge State crime wave.

Op-ed by Larry Elder about the plight of black men and boys under Biden.

Op-ed from a liberal black lesbian lawyer who got censored from Big Tech for daring to say biological men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports.

Exposing just how serious Biden’s censorship scandal really is.

Illinois Supreme Court sides with State Democrats in officially ending cash bail for criminals…..amid a huge State crime wave.

China is literally re-writing the Bible.

Transgender male swimmer Lia Thomas embracing Antifa now.

RNC releases 7-minute video compilation of Joe Biden’s racist comments over the years. 

Donald Trump’s lengthy, detailed, data-filled response to the Democrats’ Jan 6th Hearings and their claim that 2020 Election Fraud has been “debunked”.

Various Stories and Data censored from the Media and Big Tech:

Dr. Marty Makary Op-ed: 10 Biggest COVID Mistakes – Americans Deserve an Apology From the Medical Experts”.

New Cleveland Clinic medical study shows those who had COVID receive ZERO benefits from getting vaccinated. 

CDC Data showing number of deaths, hospitalizations, etc., after COVID vaccine.

M.I.T. Scientist says COVID vaccine may cause serious long term health problems.

Dr. Joseph Mercola article opposing mask-wearing.

COVID – CDC – 6% vs 94%, plus age 0-19 = 99.997%, 20-49 = 99.98%, 50-69 = 99.5%, 70+ = 94.6%. News story from KRTV, Channel 3 CBS Affiliate in Great Falls, Montana.

Link to the CDC page itself:

Here is a link to all the evidence of 2020 voter fraud that the media claims doesn’t exist.

List of Trump’s accomplishments in only 4 years.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show

Guest Interview: Dr. Greg Pruett to discuss his book “Extraordinary Hearing: Preparing Your Soul to Hear From God”.

Guest Interview: Former Evolutionary scientist turned Creation scientist Dr. Grady McMurtry to discuss UFOs, A.I., “Global Warming”, and to take calls on the age of the Earth, Universe, and the entire Creation vs Evolution debate.  

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